Whether you need a 2 post car lift for your garage or want to purchase one for your home, Mechanic Superstore has what you're looking for. This company stocks a wide range of tools and equipment for car maintenance and repair, including wheel alignment, wheel balancers, tires, and much more. Not only does this company offer top-quality tools and equipment, but they also offer exceptional customer service. One such company is QuickJack, which came out with an innovative product in 2013 and has since grown into a world brand.

CR 10000-pound 220V auto lift

Parking lifts double your parking space while ensuring the safety of your vehicles. They are a reliable way to add extra square feet and maximize parking space. When you need additional square feet, a parking lift is the perfect solution. A quality USA-made car lift will give you the extra space you need without sacrificing safety. Shop at Mechanic Superstore for top-quality parking solutions.

XK L2900

The XK series of two-post car lifts has all the features you'd expect from a top-tier car lifting device. Its 5/16" cable and 4.56" pulley have heavy-duty construction and self-lubricating nylon sliders for smooth movement and reduced maintenance. Its 1000-pound lifting capacity is suitable for small to midsize vehicles. Its rubber door guards protect the frame of the vehicle and a double-point safety lock release ensures your safety while working with the lift.

The XK L2900 has a lifting capacity of 9000 pounds and a 220V, 60-Hz 3HP motor. Its sturdy steel frame and anti-rust powder-coating make it a top choice for a shop or home use. This two-post lift comes with a warning decal that reminds you to never exceed the maximum capacity of each swing arm when lifting a car.


If you're in the market for a new lift for your garage, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking to double the space in your parking lot or to make sure your customers' cars are safe while they wait for repairs, you can't go wrong with a parking lift. Whether you need to double the space in your parking lot or simply want to add square footage to your shop, a parking lift is the perfect solution. Mechanic Superstore has the best parking solutions for your needs.

Mechanic Superstore also carries a variety of other car maintenance utilities including tire changers, wheel balancers, and wheel alignment tools. The company offers superior customer service and a wide selection of durable, high-quality car lifts. QuickJack is a newcomer to the car lift supplies market, but it has been steadily growing since it introduced its innovative innovation.

AMGO Hydraulics

If you're a mechanic and you're looking for a top-quality car lift, AMGO Hydraulics is the company to go to. The company manufactures two-post lifts, scissor lifts, parking lifts, and specialty car lifts. You can't go wrong with any of the lifts from AMGO. Their lifts are versatile, durable, and built to last. AMGO Hydraulics was recently featured at the Autopromotec Exhibition in Italy, which is the largest automobile show in the world.

AMGO Hydraulics' PRO-14 2-post car lifts feature a mobile power unit mounted on a rolling cart and a lever to raise and lower the car. The hydraulic fluid in the power unit flows directly to the columns' industrial-grade HVLP Direct-Drive cylinders. Unlike other lifts, this lift eliminates the need for lifting chains and screw mechanisms.