For live music in Fairfax, check out Peri's Tavern, the Iron Springs Pub and Brewery, or Mac's at 19. A pub, 19 Broadway Bar and Nighclub plays Americana, roots, blues, and dance hall music. A local pub, Mac's at 19 Broadway hosts live music every night. A local musician plays at Peri's Tavern.

Mac's at 19 Broadway

The long-running bar and restaurant has an indoor and outdoor patio with open-mike nights. It has a fun, casual atmosphere and a variety of live music events. It features an open-mike night every Thursday and a live music venue on weekends. Open-mike nights are a great way to meet other musicians. If you're looking for a new venue for a live music performance, Mac's is a great choice.

The Mac's at Nineteenth Broadway is a fun venue in Fairfax, California with live music almost every night. The drink list is extensive, and you'll enjoy a wide selection of craft beer. Local bands and DJs often perform at this upscale bar. Mac's 19 Broadway has a great atmosphere and upscale drinks. During the summer months, you can catch a free live music event with the Groovy Judy Band.

Peri's Tavern

After 95 years, Peri's Tavern has transformed into a hip local music destination. Local and national bands perform at the historic venue, which offers a fun atmosphere and plenty of theatrics. Live music events at Peri's take place at a variety of venues, so there is something for every taste and style. Below are a few of the upcoming performances scheduled for this year.

Before the quake, Mac's at 19 Broadway was one of the best known restaurants in Fairfax. It featured live music nearly every night and was popular with local rock bands and aristocrats. It remains a favorite for locals, though, and local musicians play regularly. Peri's Tavern also hosts a popular monthly jazz series and weekly open mic nights. You can see live music at these two venues, and get a taste of the area's rich history and culture at Peri's Tavern.

McCarthy's second go round

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Peri's Tavern's acceptance of credit cards

The historic Peri's Tavern, located in the wooded hills around Mount Tamalpais, has been hosting live music events for decades. During the hippie era, Fairfax was known as "Mayberry on acid" because of its many local musicians, and the bar has long been a favorite among the community. A clothing-optional sauna is also available for patrons.

A popular spot for live music in the 1970s, Fairfax now has a more subdued feel and is known more for its mountain biking and hiking trails than its vibrant club scene. However, the historic district still has its charm, including eclectic shops and an organic food store. With a diverse population, the historic downtown is both inviting and sustainable. The eclectic downtown is a great place to take in the local sights and sounds, as well as dine at one of the many delicious restaurants.

Weekly Blues show

If you can't make it to the weekly Blues show at the Mercer Union in New York City, you can find some great music in Fond du Lac. Mac's at 19 Broadway is a great place to catch this weekly event. Although this concert is 21+, you'll still have plenty of chances to meet old friends and make some new ones. Plus, you can jam with some of the band members who are always happy to play some great blues music.

Baby grand Steinway piano

Whether you're interested in acquiring a brand-new baby grand or just want to enjoy the sounds of live music, there are hundreds of live music in Fairfax County. From family outings to date nights, these performances are the perfect setting for any musical occasion. Fairfax is home to several performing arts venues, including the Wolf Trap, Jammin' Java, and George Mason University's Center for the Arts. In addition to concerts, Steinway pianos are also available for repairs and services.

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