Shernett Swaby is an internationally known black-owned business in Chicago fashion designer, born in Jamaica and raised in Canada. She has made her mark in the fashion industry by making beautiful wearable art. Swaby learned to sew at an early age from her mother. This passion eventually led to a professional career, and her designs have been featured in both local and international magazines, as well as a top-five finish on PROJECT RUNWAY Canada.

Shernett Swaby is an internationally known fashion artist

Born in Jamaica, Shernett Swaby now lives in Canada, where she is an internationally renowned fashion artist. At a young age, she began designing and sewing her own clothes. Her mother taught her the ropes when she was a child and she continues to perfect her craft now as an adult. Her designs are both whimsical and sophisticated, and her collection of garments is a reflection of her diverse cultural upbringing.

Shernett Swaby has been honored with numerous awards, including designer of the year by Fashion Group International and best local designer by Chicago Magazine. In addition, she was a top five finalist on the prestigious Project Runway Canada. While she has only opened one store in Canada, she plans to open the first of many in major cities around the world. In the coming years, Swaby hopes to open her first New York City store, and also wants to establish stores in Paris and London.

Her work is inspired by architecture

Shernett Swaby is a fashion designer who grew up in Jamaica and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. She began sewing when she was only eight years old, and she often mended her own clothes. Her mother, a seamstress, taught her the basics of the trade, and today Swaby continues to practice her craft as an adult. Her bold and colorful designs draw inspiration from architecture, and her pieces are sure to make you want to wear them!

Shernett Swaby is a renowned fashion artist. Born in Jamaica, she studied at the International Academy of Design in Toronto and graduated with a BFA in 1998. At this point, Swaby has exhibited her work in many local and international venues. In addition to her work in the fashion industry, Swaby has been a finalist on the NBC show PROJECT RUNWAY Canada.

Shernett Swaby offers free alterations

If you're in the market for a new outfit, why not try a Swaby garment? This Toronto-based designer, who owns two boutiques, offers free alterations for life on all her items. This means you can turn pants into skirts, swap out linings, shorten or lengthen a garment, and so on. After all, you shouldn't have to buy a new one every year, right?

The owner of Shernett Swaby is a Jamaican native who moved to Canada when she was just eight years old. She learned how to sew from her mother and began her professional career. Her clothes have won national awards, appeared in national publications, and reached the top five in Project Runway Canada. These achievements have led to a growing following in the fashion industry and a thriving business.

Her new Toronto boutique is at 632 Queen Street West

Shernett Swaby is a black-owned business that specializes in designer clothing and accessories. Swaby started designing clothing at the age of eight, while learning from her mother. Since then, she has refined her skills and created a line that has received accolades across the world. Her Toronto boutique is the first of its kind in the country. Shernett also plans to open other stores in major cities around the world, including London, Paris, and New York.

Prices for Swaby designs vary widely, with some pieces costing as much as $3,000, while others are priced at less than $100. Many of the designs are custom-made, and prices range from a simple shirt to elaborate evening gowns. The store's new location at 632 Queen Street West was recently opened, and Swaby herself was in attendance for the opening event, fitting clients and interacting with clients. The attention to detail and the unique designs impressed shoppers.

Her clothing line is made by hand

Recently named designer of the year by Fashion Group International, Shernett Swaby has built an independent clothing business that makes most of its designs by hand. Her eclectic collection of unique apparel features statement pieces by hip local designers, trend-setting gifts, and handcrafted jewelry. Swaby is a strong supporter of the ethical movement and has embraced ethical labor practices. All of her clothing items are fair trade, which means they're not only beautiful but also good for the environment.

Shernett Swaby's unique, custom-made clothing line is a great way to support the local economy. Each piece is crafted by hand using custom materials and a high level of customer service. The clothing line is made in Chicago and has been featured in Elle and Paper Magazine. Swaby's clothes are made by hand and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. To help clients keep their new pieces, Shernett offers closet consultations. Her clothing line is also available for repair and customizing.

Her patented leather handbags are unique

Shernett Swaby is a Chicago-based designer and recent alum of Project Runway Canada. Her independent clothing line features handcrafted pieces by local artists. Shoppers will find trendsetting gifts, statement pieces, and artisan jewelry. Rachael Adadevoh-Woods also contributes to the collection of handmade pieces.

If you're interested in shopping for ethically made, sustainable, and beautiful pieces, consider a Chicago-based Black-owned business. Swaby's designs have earned her international acclaim as a fashion artist, and you can't go wrong with these beautiful and functional handbags. The company offers free alterations and supports the movement to purchase clothing that is made ethically.